We work with units, not hours. Tasks, not projects.

Let us explain... Every Client's needs are unique and every Client's approach is different. This is to do partly because of industry, product and/or service, but also the Client's perspective, business goals, and culture.

For these reasons we have broken down our services using units not hours and operate on 30-day task-based cycles to get the job done.

At the top of each cycle long and short term objectives are planned for and related task items are discussed, prioritized, and assigned based on the number of units your budget allows. By cycle’s end these tasks are completed bringing us closer to your ultimate goals. This allows the Client to always know where they stand, with no surprise invoices or missed deadlines. And the best part, if you do not see measured results, the agreement is non-binding and can be cancelled at any time before the next scheduled planning meeting.

Sound good?
What kind of support
do you need? 

Below are a few examples of our Agency Fee for retained 30-day cycles.

Please note that your fee will be based on your need and budget. We hope to hear from you soon to get you started. 


10 Units @ $50/per Unit


Per 30-day cycle

Social Media Management


28 Units @ $50/per Unit


Per 30-day cycle

Strategic Branding


64 Units @ $50/per Unit


Per 30-day cycle

Integrated Marketing

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