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EDA Contractors


Bensalem, Pennsylvania 


EDA Contractors specializes in the exterior building envelope. Their mission is to deliver a watertight building for each and every client.

Read about EDA’s journey told through their Brand.

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"It’s about US. Our journey to SUCCESS can only be achieved together. As we give so much of ourselves, remember to be proud of our work because only together will we be able to sustain.
Together the Blue, Red, and Gold remind us to always live for today, look forward to a bright future, and to never forget where we came from.
Our brand is meant to differentiate us from our competitors, while at the same time, designed to highlight our inclusiveness. — We are successful together; bold and fun, and love what we do."
Edward DeAngelis


After a decade EDA was growing and found themselves in a unique market position. They needed a new mark that would represent where they came from and where they were headed. EDA’s founder came to us with a tall order — He wanted a new brand that would speak to their accomplishments AND future goals without loosing momentum and brand recognition.


A shift away from the founder’s ALL-CAP initials led to a mark that highlights the integral role every person plays in growing the company and envelope of services they offer; ‘It takes a village’ approach.

The logo intertwines bold lower case lettering in select color: The Gold signifys their quest for SUCCESS and is reflective of their “gold standard” in everything they do. The reintroduction of Blue is an ode to the beginning, their original dominant color. The borrowed Red represents their current and bold market presents.

The mark was only the beginning of this brand’s story. What followed was the identity system that integrated the company and established a holistic brand. i.e. logo, color, font, tagline, letterhead and marketing collateral, website, signage, fleet, uniforms, and brand images.


Today, their brand standards act as a beacon, guiding them on their journey. 


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